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Trade-in Your Video Games


If you're looking to trade in your video games for Cash or Store Credit, Jay's CD And Hobby is the place to go! We accept all types of video games, from retro classics (NES, SNES, N64, Sega, etc) to new releases. We also accept Video Game Consoles and Accessories.

We have dedicated Buying Centers at each of our three Des Moines metro retail locations where customers can bring their collections with no appointment required.

No collection is too large or too small - from single games to a whole complete library, we'll take a look at anything!

*For larger collections, we ask that customers call the store of their choice in advance so we can coordinate our team.

Why sell your video games to Jay's CD And Hobby?

  • We offer competitive prices for your Games and Consoles.
  • We'll accept Games from NES ➡️ PS5 and anything in between.
  • We have a wide selection of New and Preowned Games and Consoles to choose from, so you can use your Store Credit to buy something new for your collection.
  • We're a local business that's been serving the community for over 18 years.


How to sell your video games to Jay's CD And Hobby

  1. Bring your Games and Consoles to the Buying Center at your nearest Jay's CD And Hobby location.
  2. Our staff will evaluate your items and offer you a price.
  3. You can accept our offer and receive cash or store credit on the spot.


Here are some tips for getting the most money for your video games:

  • Clean your games and consoles before you bring them in.
  • Make sure the games have their cases and manuals (if available).
  • If you're selling a large collection, consider organizing it by console or genre.


We look forward to seeing you at Jay's CD And Hobby!

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